It is said that Pokhara Paragliding  gives the clear views of mountains above 8000 m. As we all know that to fly on the sky is not an easy work. The most things are there should be the suitable weather or we can say that climate should have support us. For this the best flying season starts from November, December and January. The experience of paragliding may take you very high from the earth level. You could observe the birds flying on the sky and in some distance you also could fly as a bird and enjoy the movements.

In other hand, parahawking also adds more thrilling movement. Parahawking is none so long ago launched as an art of flying with sky’s hunter birds which are trained. Such as vulture, eagles and so on are used for these purposes. You may experience an amazing thing which you can’t forget ever in your lifetime. So, for this package also you easily may contact anyone who is related to Our Company, Himal Reisen. We offer you and special packages comfortably with trained and skilled guides.


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